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Sorry Ain't Enough, the drama directed by Emily Blake which takes on civil injustice and the lasting effects of the institution of slavery in America is an Official Selection of the Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF). Sorry Ain't Enough questions the issue of systemic racism, Americas refusal from a policy perspective to deal with it and unpaid reparations. It addresses economic, social and legal factors which contributed to the subsequent humiliation related to Jim Crow laws and other forces which have caused the "...subordination and domination of Blacks in America..."



This unforgettable story follows the journey of Super Lawyer Marcellus Clarke through the highs of his stellar career to the lows of his own personal despair and self discovery. This feature length film seeks to stimulate dialogue that will raise the social consciousness of our nation on the issue that is slavery reparations.


Co-Founders of Mental Food Productions and Co-Producers of Sorry Ain’t Enough, Kenneth Harris, Jr. and Darryl Lee founded the production company in 1998.


This film ventures into subject matter as yet untouched by Hollywood studios. Upon hearing a conversation by Randle Robinson on his book “The Debt” the duo, motivated by passion for the arts, experience as spoken word artists and motivational speakers set out upon their journey. With eyes weary of the “in the hood” genre of film, the filmmakers began the 4 and one half year odyssey which persevered through budget limitations, a 2-year post-production process, a setback which required the film to be shot twice after the actions of a disingenuous filmmaker as well as other challenges common to independent film production.

This film seeks to capture the audience’s attention with an entertaining yet always thoughtful storyline, and characters that are well developed yet attainable in their heroism. Ken and Darryl, taking advantage of their creative versatility, acted in Sorry Ain’t Enough playing two of the attorneys trying the case for reparations. They also scored the film with an ear for underlining the drama as well as putting their eclectic musical taste on display.


About the film

The demand for slavery reparations for Blacks in America should and still needs to be on the political agenda 

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